Kodak's Guide to Amazon Accounts

Cell phone non wifi method

  1. Go to safari and close all tabs and clear all browsing history
  2. Go to settings and disable wifi disable cell data and enable airplane mode for 15 seconds then turn off airplane and leave as lte
  3. Make a new gmail make sure info is like this ([email protected]) pass whatever you want
  4. Go to amazon and use same name you made for email and then add email and pass
  5. Get otp and then should bring you to home page of amazon
  6. Go to addresses add your address with same name as email name and account name also you can use your friends numbers for phone number in addy section just change the last 2 digits of number set as default
  7. Go to payments add vcc set as default
  8. Go to prime membership do 30 day trial you can add edu after 30 day trial is up
  9. Make a cheap purchase
  10. Monitor email to make sure you dont get hold if no hold you can do method again but make sure u do steps 1-3 every time dont exceed 3 accounts per day also let accounts sit for min of 5 hours before adding to bot

*We do not guarantee this method works for everyone or anyone. This is a guide to help you start and experiment with what works for you.

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