EDU Links

  • Perfect for adding 6 months of free student prime
  • Requires no account logins
  • Easier and faster to use
  • Links do not expire unless used
  • After clicking 'get email', the email given lasts 15 minutes
  • Delivered instantly

Adding 6 month prime trial to your amazon account with your $1 edu link

  1. Log into your Amazon Account
  2. Go to the Student Prime Page:
  3. Click "Try Prime Student" then click "Click here to sign up using your .edu email."
  4. Pick 2025
  5. Go to one of your purchased EDU links
  6. Click "Get Email" and it will generate the email address (this email lasts 15 minutes)
  7. Click copy email and paste the email into Amazon
  8. Go back to your edu link and click refresh until you see the activation email
  9. Copy the link back to where you signed into your amazon account and paste it
  10. You are all set!


Do not use an edu link to make an amazon account.

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